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The Agency Leader’s Guide: Using Social Listening to Optimize Operations for Digital Agencies

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Running an agency in the middle of a pandemic can feel nearly impossible—clients are panicking, promising leads are going silent and the news cycle is keeping some industries in a state of perpetual crisis response.

The good news is the tenets of agency success haven’t changed. All you need is a little flexibility and the right tools to turn this period of constant adaptation into a fruitful opportunity to test and grow.

One of the most vital tools in your arsenal is social listening, a business intelligence tool that optimizes operations for digital agencies. Maybe you’ve used social listening on behalf of clients to analyze brand health, conduct audience research or provide competitor comparisons. Now it’s time to put this powerful data source to work to build up your own agency.

This guide shares expert insights from award-winning digital agencies on how they’ve used listening to accomplish great things for their own agency brands. You’ll learn how you can use listening to:

  • Uncover trend-setting insights to entice media and wow your clients
  • Build strong brands for your agency and executive thought leaders
  • Improve SEO and get creative with your keyword research
  • Leverage insights from your ideal clients
  • Optimize your operations, from business development to PR, and grow your agency

Don’t fall victim to the old adage, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Now is the time to invest in a strong foundation so your agency weathers not only this pandemic, but the ongoing digital transformation we’ll see in the years ahead.

The Agency Leader's Guide: Using Social Listening to Optimize Operations for Digital Agencies