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Dig Deeper with Data: Google Analytics UTM Builder [Free Tool]

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According to the Sprout Social Index™, 52% of marketers say that their primary goal for social media is increasing web traffic. Post link clicks might suggest that your audience is heading to your website, but they don’t tell you what actions people are taking once they get there. 

If you want to evaluate which content drives people deeper down the marketing funnel and truly understand your audience’s journey after they click your social post, you need to implement UTM tracking. 

UTM tracking involves adding unique UTM codes to your URLs to identify exactly where your traffic is coming from. If you’re not sure how to create UTM tags, we’ve got you covered. 

With this free Google Analytics UTM builder, marketers can quickly and easily apply codes to their URLs. Then, you can track the platforms of origin, types of traffic, campaign performance and more. 

The benefits of using a UTM code builder aren’t limited to social teams. When used correctly, UTMs can reveal Google Analytics data that is beneficial to your entire business by helping you:

  • Learn which products are top of mind for your audience.
  • Determine which web pages and content deeply engage your audience.
  • Measure the marketing impact of your brand advocates and influencers. 
  • Optimize your social advertising efforts. 

Download this free Google Analytics UTM builder to level up and do more with your data. 

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