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Give your Instagram audience more content choices and opportunities to connect with your brand—whether that’s your website, product page, blog or other valuable resource.

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Increase Instagram ROI by strategically directing your audience to external links

Never miss an opportunity to drive your Instagram audience back to your website and other 
curated content.

Boost conversions through accessible and easily navigated post links

Help your audience identify a post’s link through Sprout’s clickable grid, which mirrors your Instagram feed.

Discover which posts drive the most traffic

Dig into page views and post-click data to identify top-performing content and optimize future strategy.

A closer look at the Sprout Link in Bio tab includes options to add content links to both new and published posts, as well as data on page views and post clicks.

Consolidate your Instagram 
publishing workflow

Save time and improve efficiency by creating posts and managing associated links all within
 Sprout’s centralized platform.

Seamless integration

Add links to your Instagram posts directly from Compose that update in real time as soon as your post goes live.

Stop competing for link-in-bio real estate

Gone are the days of sacrificing your content strategy because you can only feature one link at a time in your bio.

Simplicity is key

With just one link in your Instagram bio, your audience can access a version of your Instagram grid that includes the unique link associated with each post.

In addition to first comments in Instagram Options, you can add a post link directly in Compose when you’re drafting new Instagram content.

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