Powerful Twitter Analytics for Social Business

Break down your Twitter activity and gain powerful keyword, hashtag and demographic insights with Sprout’s Twitter analytics tools and unlimited, presentation-ready reports.

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Break Down Your Twitter Content & Engagement

Identify Your Best Twitter Content

View a high-level snapshot of your Twitter profiles or dig deeper into message-level Twitter analytics, like clicks, Retweets and reach.

Understand Your Twitter Behavior

Analyze your Tweets to identify which are more conversational or promotional to ensure that you’re reaching new contacts and growing your audience.

Benchmark Performance with Comparison Reporting

Benchmark Performance with Comparison Reporting

View Side-by-Side Twitter Profile Analytics

Compare two of your own profiles or see how you stack up against competitors over any date range with the Twitter Comparison report.

Report Across Multiple Twitter Profiles

Customize your profiles report to analyze follower growth, content performance and engagement metrics across any number of Twitter profiles.

Better Understand Your Audience & What Resonates

Analyze Your Twitter Followers

Understand who your content is (or is not) reaching with a detailed demographic breakdown to help shape your messaging and campaigns.

Identify Advocates & Twitter Influencers

Find influencers and brand advocates with the Trends Report which surfaces the top brands and users frequently mentioned with your profiles.

Advanced Reports for Twitter Monitoring & Listening

Go beyond reporting, start analyzing

Experience the power of Twitter performance reporting and deep Twitter analytics together. Access hundreds of paid and organic Twitter data points—from Twitter video metrics to hashtag and media clicks—and tap into dynamic data visualizations.

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Unlimited Presentation-Ready Reports

Sprout’s reports are designed to make Twitter analytics digestible and ready to present.

Custom Branding

Customize reports with your own logo—a great tool for agencies managing multiple client accounts.

PDF & Data Export

Create unlimited, presentation-ready PDF reports or use the CSV export option to access the raw data.

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