Similar to social networks, there are many social media management platforms to choose from—so it can be difficult to decipher which one is the best for your brand.

In this Sprout Social vs. Sprinklr examination, we’ll compare our product to one of our primary competitors. We’ll break down the attributes that mean the most to your brand like innovation, return on investment and customer care drawing from G2, the world’s largest software marketplace for customer reviews. G2 connects over 80 million people in the industry so they can make better software decisions, fueled by the authenticity of peer reviews.

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Sprout Social vs. Sprinklr: Overview

To start our Sprout Social vs. Sprinklr comparison, let’s begin with a general overview of who each product is for.

Who is Sprout Social for?

Founded in 2010, Sprout Social is an industry-leading provider of cloud-based social media management software. Sprout Social is used by mid-market companies and we thrive in the enterprise space, as illustrated by our various accolades over the past year.

Sprout Social has been chosen as a G2 Enterprise Leader every quarter since 2018, which means we consistently rank above our competitors, including Sprinklr. And we’re also the only social suite on G2’s Top Enterprise Software Products for 2023.

Data visualization comparing G2 enterprise ratings for Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Sprinklr and Khoros. The categories include satisfaction, ease of use, quality of support and product innovation. Sprout is ranked highest in every category. The image also features Sprout’s G2 award badge for Enterprise Leader Spring 2023.

Beyond the enterprise segment, Sprout Social received accolades across several award categories including Best Software Products, Products for Mid Market, Global Software Products and High Satisfaction Products.

Five of Sprout Social's award badges from G2's Best Software Awards 2023. The award categories include the following: Top 50 Products for Enterprise, Top 50 Products for Mid-Market, Top 100 Software Products, Top 100 Highest Satisfaction Products and Top 100 Global Software Companies.

Who is Sprinklr for?

Founded in 2010, Sprinklr is a customer experience management tool. Like Sprout, Sprinklr has tools for social media marketing, reporting, analytics and listening.

Sprinklr’s G2 reviews reveal some interesting pain points. For example, Sprinklr’s interface is reportedly too complicated for many users. Many Sprinklr users express how the product has a steep learning curve for new users and a cluttered interface that is hard to navigate without extensive training.

Sprout Social vs. Sprinklr: Innovation

Innovation is the first stop on our Sprout Social vs Sprinklr comparison.

We all know that social media moves fast. Brands need to be agile, but they also need to be forward thinking to stay on top of consumer and social trends—this is why innovation in a social media management tool is so important.

But innovation isn’t just about being the first or having the most features. It’s about building and designing a platform in a way customers can truly take advantage of. It’s about meeting them where they are and acting on their feedback. It’s about anticipating their pain points and needs, to provide next-level solutions.

Sprout leads Sprinklr in product direction

Product direction refers to a vendor’s product roadmap, such as their integration plans and cadence for expanding features and functionality. For feature updates and roadmaps, G2 reviewers prefer the direction of Sprout Social over Sprinklr. According to G2, Sprout received an exceptional 9.0 rating for positive product direction among enterprise reviewers. Sprinklr received only a 7.4.***

Data visualization comparing Sprout Social’s and Sprinklr’s G2 ratings for product direction. Sprout has a 9.0 rating while Sprinklr has a 7.4. The image also features Sprout’s G2 award badge for Momentum Leader Spring 2023.

Sprout Social’s product organization has a mantra of speed with intentionality. We prioritize product launches based on our customers’ needs. That’s why we’ve developed integrations for TikTok, Reels, Tableau and more—they’re critical for our customers.

Product intentionality also informs our decisions to enhance existing features. For example, when we relaunched the product formerly known as Bambu to Employee Advocacy, we integrated the tool more deeply with Sprout so that advocacy and brand social posts could be published all in one place.

Sprout Social's Employee Advocacy solution

Sprout continues to invest in AI

There’s been plenty of buzz about the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, but Sprout is already using AI to help customers work smarter. Proprietary AI and automation technology is embedded in features like Optimal Send Times, which ensures postings get their maximum visibility and intended result. And solutions like Social Listening sift through millions of data points to deliver insights, trends and key learnings within seconds.

Sprout Social’s acquisition of Repustate is a testament to our ongoing investments in AI. This partnership will allow us to magnify current features so that teams can unlock the full potential of social, faster.

We are also enhancing Sprout’s proprietary technology with the launch of AI Assist, a suite of capabilities powered by OpenAI’s GPT model. These features further infuse AI into Sprout’s listening, customer care, publishing and advocacy foundations.

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Sprout Social vs Sprinklr: Ease of doing business

Next up in our Sprinklr vs Sprout comparison: ease of doing business. But what exactly does that mean? And why is it important? Ease of doing business refers to how easy it is to adopt and start seeing returns from a product.

Data visualization comparing Sprout Social’s and Sprinklr’s G2 ratings for ease of use. Sprout has a 8.9 rating while Sprinklr has a 7.4. The image also features Sprout’s G2 award badge for Enterprise Best Usability Spring 2023.

Busy teams deserve to use an intuitive platform that doesn’t require hours of tutorials and research to learn how to use it.

Ease of use

Sprout has a high adoption rate among enterprise customers because our software is user-friendly, but remains dynamic and multifaceted. Sprout Social customers speak to their experience using Sprout on G2, describing Sprout as “super intuitive but detailed,” “very versatile and useful” and “intuitive to use, [with] a lot of powerful capabilities.”

According to G2 reviews, Sprout earned an outstanding 8.9 user rating for ease of use compared with Sprinklr’s 7.4.

The reviews of Sprinklr’s user interface tell a different story. Sprinklr is regarded as cluttered and difficult to navigate without training, which prevents new users from getting up and running on the platform quickly.

Large teams need a solution that can accommodate both social novices and highly sophisticated users. If a product is laser-focused on supporting experts, you limit the impact that social media can have on the organization. And, when new employees join the organization, they should be able to get started with the technology right away. When employees can’t use a product you’ve invested in, you’re leaving money on the table.

Ease of set up

Sprout received a 9.1 for ease of setup. Per G2, Sprout has the fastest go-live time—about half the time as Sprinklr. Sprout has always believed that customers should try before they buy. Most importantly, they should be able to try the full product, not a slimmed down version. Enterprise customers can jump right into using our product after the demo, which makes set up swift. Sprinklr’s self-service plan is not the full Sprinklr product, which can set the wrong expectations for customers.

Data visualization comparing Sprout Social’s and Sprinklr’s G2 ratings for ease of setup. Sprout has a 9.1 rating while Sprinklr has a 6.5. The image also features Sprout’s G2 award badge for Easiest Setup Spring 2023.

Ease of admin

Sprout earned a 9.1 in the ease of admin category. Enterprise organizations manage multiple social accounts for various business units, brands and/or locations, making centralized management even more essential. Admins should be empowered to adjust permissions, create reporting dashboards and build listening queries without needing support each time.

Data visualization comparing Sprout Social’s and Sprinklr’s G2 ratings for ease of admin. Sprout has a 9.1 rating while Sprinklr has a 7.2. The image also features Sprout’s G2 award badge for Enterprise Most Implementable Spring 2023.

A common complaint from former Sprinklr customers is that even the simplest management tasks on the platform can be extremely difficult. Sprout customers avoid these headaches with the use of features like custom workflows, making day-to-day social media management easier.

A positive review about Sprout Social from a G2 reviewer. The reviewer refers to Sprout Social as, "user-friendly."

Sprout Social vs Sprinklr: ROI

Marketers want to know if they are getting a return on their investment (ROI), especially in uncertain economic times. They are willing to take calculated risks that will increase their revenue and help their teams scale. And they would like to prove ROI sooner than later so leaders can better understand their investments.

Sprout Social sets the bar for the fastest ROI

Along with being ranked above Sprinklr in ease of use, ease of set up and several other categories, Sprout Social also leads the way for fastest ROI. Since our go-live time is faster than Sprinklr’s, we also prove ROI faster.  Sprout’s user-friendly nature leads to higher adoption, which means companies start seeing value faster.

G2 bar chart showing Sprout Social's average go-live time by month. 52% of users go live within less than a day. 35% go live in less than a month.
Data in this chart and section is as of 02/15/23

Sprout’s reporting tools and integrations make measuring ROI easy

Sprout’s reporting tools capture organic and paid metrics, allowing users to scrutinize the ROI of their spend. Users can employ features such as Tagging to organize messages by campaign, business unit or product line to evaluate performance through multiple lenses. For example, the Atlanta Hawks social media team uses Sprout’s Tagging feature to pinpoint what content resonates the most with their target audience.

Our customer relationship management (CRM) integrations with Zendesk, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 illuminate your social and sales efforts to provide a full view of your funnel. Our partnership with Salesforce means our integrations into their ecosystem, specifically Salesforce Service Cloud, are best-in-class. Sprout’s Tableau BI Connector helps marketers visualize their social data with other business intelligence sources in one place, making it easier to illustrate social’s impact on your bottom line.

Sprout’s proven ROI makes deciding between Sprout Social and Sprinklr an easy choice.

Sprout Social vs Sprinklr: Customer support

With any software, there can be a learning curve. But when you’re making this kind of investment, knowing you’re spending dollars on a powerful tool isn’t enough—you want assurance that you’re investing in a great partnership. This makes reliable customer support essential when picking a social media management tool.

Sprout Social’s customer support is unrivaled

When comparing quality of product support, G2 reviewers prefer Sprout over Sprinklr.

Data visualization comparing Sprout Social’s and Sprinklr’s G2 ratings for quality of support. Sprout has a 8.8 rating while Sprinklr has a 7.7. The image also features Sprout’s G2 award badge for Enterprise Best Support Spring 2023.

Sprout Social customers are our north star, so we know how important it is to show up for them. We see how fast social media moves, and understand that our customers need quick assistance—not delayed responses and support teams that don’t fully understand the product.

Sprout offers more customer support options than Sprinklr

G2 reviewers rated Sprout Social’s quality of support higher than Sprinklr’s (8.8 v. 8.6). Sprout Social provides customer support globally via the following channels:

  • In-app chat
  • 24/5 phone support
  • Email
  • Helpdesk

We also launched the Arboretum, an online community designed for Sprout Social customers and social media professionals to connect with their peers, grow their industry knowledge, establish professional credibility and enhance their personal brands. We cover a lot of bases so we can support Sprout customers where they already are.

Sprout Social is the clear choice if you’re looking for a product with award-winning customer support.

What’s best for your brand, Sprout Social or Sprinklr?

Of course we say Sprout is the best option, but that’s because we truly believe it. We don’t just provide a platform. We build innovative solutions, deliver fast ROI and offer customer support across several channels because we want to help businesses unlock the full power of social, faster.

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***The ratings for this article are based on G2 data from 04/03/23.

Sprout Social vs Sprinklr: FAQ

Which platform is better: Sprout Social or Sprinklr?

Only you can decide what is the best choice for your business. But we’re confident Sprout delivers more value to brands across the globe and our thousands of satisfied enterprise customers are proof.

Which platform is better for large enterprises, Sprout Social or Sprinklr?

Sprout Social is named the best social media platform for enterprises by G2.

Which platform is best equipped to support large teams?

We believe Sprout Social offers the most robust and cohesive social media solution, built to scale. Our unified code base and turnkey solution means that every customer receives a consistent experience, but enterprise customers can customize to their needs further with add-ons including Social Listening, Employee Advocacy and Premium Analytics.

Does Sprout Social offer a free trial?

Yes, Sprout Social has always believed that customers should try before they buy. You can trial our complete product for 30 days, not just a scaled-down version of the software (which is what Sprinklr offers). And we’re so confident in the value you’ll see in the first 30 days, you won’t need 90 days to feel confident moving forward with Sprout.