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Context is Critical to Build Lasting Social Media Relationships

Sprout’s social CRM tools provide contextual information to help teams resolve support issues, nurture prospective leads and deliver an exceptional brand experience.

Complete Conversation History

Once a Twitter profile is connected, Sprout remembers your conversations and surfaces this history throughout the app so it’s always at your team’s fingertips.

More Than a Simple Reply Screen

With immediate access to conversation history and contact details every time you hit reply, Sprout’s social CRM tools help you respond quickly and personally.

Make Social Relationship Management a Team Effort

Gain more context for social conversations with Sprout’s Contact Profile Views, where you can view and add custom contact information, internal notes and full conversation history.

A More Complete Customer Profile

Share notes, like the best time to reach a contact or details from an offline conversation, and add company and personal contact information.

Visibility Across Your Organization

The shared contact view gives everyone on your team access to conversation history, contact information and any internal notes.

Shared Insights & Accountability

Collaborative social CRM tools prevent duplication of efforts, provide oversight and ensure that accountability is shared across your team.

Smart Integrations Streamline CRM Management & Social Support

We realize that social is just one piece of the puzzle. Sprout supports bidirectional integrations with popular platforms to make your software suite more powerful.

Helpdesk & Social Support

Sprout seamlessly integrates with Zendesk and HubSpot to help social and support teams work across platforms without leaving their respective dashboards.

Social Customer Service

Context & CRM Management

Sprout assists customer relationship management with a complete view of every contact, including the context needed to inform social conversations.

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