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How Patagonia Leads from a Foundation of Authenticity and Community

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Session time: 1 hour

Patagonia has a clear mission—to save our planet. They’ve earned the title of the world’s most respected brand, due to a commitment to a higher purpose and its founder-driven ethos of transparency. 

Patagonia has proven social media isn’t just about likes and shares—it can be a driving force for meaningful change, building community, and responsible consumption. When running campaigns on some of the top social media platforms challenged its ethics, their team hit pause. This is a brand that is both data informed and value led – which has proved to be both a smart and successful strategy.

In today’s world, with fleeting trends and too many brands to keep track of, it will be those who build a strong, real connection with their community and stay true to their mission that withstand the test of time. As Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard says, “A company doesn’t last 100 years by chasing endless growth. [Patagonia’s] success is based on quality in whatever we do, and we’re taking that into the future.”

Tune in on-demand to explore how Patagonia operates “business unusual”, leverages social data, and leans into authenticity and intention to drive their business strategy and growth. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Lean into authenticity and intention to drive your business strategy and growth
  • Use your brand’s social channels to build a strong sense of community and connectedness online and offline
  • Make social data work smarter, not harder, to drive business impact specific to your goals
  • Get brand advocates, build strong community ties and drive engagement by putting people above products

Your Speakers:


Cat Anderson

Cat Anderson

Sprout Social

Cat is the Head of International Marketing at Sprout Social. She’s passionate about innovation and creating authentic experiences through digital marketing. Besides marketing, Cat enjoys live music in all its forms and training her terrier pup.

Lauren Henshaw

Lauren Henshaw


As Digital Community & Impact Manager for Patagonia, Lauren Henshaw oversees the social media & paid media strategy for the brand, throughout Europe. Based at Patagonia’s European Headquarters in Amsterdam, she is responsible for building environmental activism and outdoor sport communities through digital, engaging them with the company’s mission: We’re in business to save our home planet. Lauren aims to challenge conventional uses of digital marketing, building strategies that are future-facing, effective and aligned with brand values.

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