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Leveraging Social Media and Your Leadership Team During a Crisis [Webinar]

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Session time: 47 minutes

The expectations and expanded scope of executive responsibilities have gone through enormous change in recent years. Today, customers as well as investors expect senior leaders to have a response to world crises and events, be present on social media and connect with their customers, both in the store and online and in real time. Creating a scalable executive social strategy and activating the right channel at the right moment may be more art than science.

Listen to Marissa Kargas, director of digital strategy and brand engagement for Walmart, and Ryan Barretto, president of Sprout Social, during a webinar hosted by the National Retail Federation as they discuss how to develop and manage an executive social strategy and the interlock with a firm’s crisis response playbook.

Join Kargas and Barretto as they discuss:

  • The must-haves when developing your executive social strategy and how to best engage the team
  • Best practices in how to leverage social media and social platforms to communicate, manage and scale
  • Gaining an understanding of the decision-making process during a crisis and who your key stakeholders need to be

If you are ready to get started with your executive strategy, don’t forget to visit our resources page.

This webinar was sponsored by Sprout Social via the NRF. This webinar is closed to all press and off the record.

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