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Sprout’s all-in-one social management solution offers a suite of competitor reports and listening tools that give you deeper insight into what works for your industry, what resonates with your audience and where you need to adjust your strategy to stand out from the competition.

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Benchmark your social media performance

To truly understand your own brand health, you need to benchmark your social performance and presence against top competitors in your industry.

Keep track and measure

Use Sprout’s suite of competitor reports to track fundamental metrics like audience growth, engagement and post volume for each network, then compare them against your own profiles.

Compare side-by-side

Benchmark your social presence with Sprout’s Competitive Analysis Listening tool, which offers a side-by-side competitor comparison of key performance metrics across social, including share of voice, engagement, sentiment and impressions.

Sample data from the performance tab of Sprout’s Competitive Listening Topic Summary, which scores your key metrics in comparison to your competitors.

Learn what works—and what doesn’t

See what type of content performs best on social to learn what resonates with your audience and your industry. Then leverage these insights to inform your own strategy.

Find insights by network

Network-specific performance reports and in-depth engagement data shed light on how different types of content resonate with audiences across each major network, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

See top posts around your industry and competitors

Identify top trends, topics and posts in your industry with Sprout’s Listening insights, with the option to filter by competitor, content type, message type and sentiment.

Sprout’s Instagram Competitor Report includes performance stats and averages, like most popular posts and hashtags, so you can see how your brand stacks up against your industry.

Discover new areas of opportunity

Gain a deeper understanding of the relevant conversations happening across social in order to identify key industry trends and customer pain points, and discover new ways to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Identify trends and influencers

Sprout’s Listening tools help you identify keywords and hashtags in relevant conversations, as well as the top industry thought leaders participating in those conversations. Use this data to make timely responses and to engage influencers for future campaigns.

Analyze sentiment

Filter your listening topics by sentiment to gain insight into how people really feel about your brand, industry and competitors, so you can better serve the genuine needs of your audience.

Listening not only helps us better understand what the conversations are about our brand in the digital space, it lets us make sure we’re dominating share of voice in our industry in a relevant, impactful and positive way.”

Kara Wenman, Digital Content Marketing Manager at James Hardie

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