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Checklist: 6 Steps to Launching an Employee Advocacy Program Your Team Wants to Participate In

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An employee advocacy program can deliver major benefits for organizations of all sizes, including greater brand trust, shorter sales cycles and more opportunities for earned media. But it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor. 

With the right amount of support, your coworkers can become your most essential brand advocates. Set them up for success with a thorough launch strategy that streamlines your efforts and theirs. 

Use this checklist to plan a rollout that encourages maximum participation and supports your long-term business goals. This phased approach will help you:

  • Outline how employees can benefit from an advocacy program through professional development, participation incentives and personal brand building.
  • Secure the executive sponsorship needed to get people motivated to participate. 
  • Determine which metrics will be used to measure the internal and external success of your program.

Download this checklist today to jumpstart your employee advocacy program with a high level of engagement from day one. 

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