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The Social Media Analytics Spreadsheet Template for Paid and Organic Reporting

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Unless you have a viral post on your hands, breaking through today’s social chatter and algorithms is hard. And having a paid social strategy on top of your organic strategy has become essential.

But more strategies means more metrics to track. How do you keep an eye on both parts of your social strategy without getting overwhelmed? And how do you tie both of these efforts back to larger business goals?

This is where a social media analytics spreadsheet template comes in handy.

The goal for many social media marketers is two-fold: to have a successful strategy and to make reporting on and analyzing that strategy easy. Our template will help you:

  • Track and compare your paid social performance—think ads and posts you boost
  • Compile a top-level analysis of these efforts and how they contribute to your overall social performance
  • Tie your metrics and social performance back to your top-line business goals

Download and customize the template to visualize your organic and paid efforts individually, and to see how they both contribute to your goals.

Download the template