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A Field Guide to Proving the Impact of Different Social Media Campaigns

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Social media campaign data has the potential to grow a business across every department, but only if marketers are equipped with the tools needed to harness it. As sources grow in number and complexity, accurate data becomes harder to gather and interpret. It’s no wonder why only 29% of marketers use social data to assess campaign performance. 

For executives (especially those beyond marketing) to appreciate the value of social, they need to understand how it impacts business goals. With the right tools and rituals in place, marketers can directly connect their social efforts to business impact, strengthening their internal credibility and making the case for future investments. 

To help your team more accurately measure the impact of your social campaigns, we partnered with Bitly to share best practices for: 

  • Identifying and avoiding the most common campaign tracking pain points
  • Assembling a toolkit for more accurate campaign tracking and measurement
  • Applying creative problem-solving skills to different campaign use cases

Download this guide today and get the strategic insights you need to deliver measurable business value. 

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