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[Tool] Find the Ideal Social Media Content Mix for Your Brand

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Much like a stock portfolio, social media content strategies should strike a mix that complements your goals, available resources and flexibility. For example, someone with a smaller budget and little investing experience is likely to take a more conservative approach, while an experienced financial advisor managing a millionaire’s funds has room to take more risks. Social media marketers can think about how they allocate their content themes, formats and creative assets in a similar way.

To help you find the ideal social media content mix for your brand, we’ve created this assessment tool, informed by data from the Sprout Social Index™, Edition XVII: Accelerate and insights from Sprout’s own social media experts. You’ll answer a series of questions about your social team’s goals, strengths and access to resources, then come away with:

  • A persona description with actionable recommendations for how to approach your social content strategy
  • A list of content themes that should be your top priority
  • A visual breakdown of how to allocate your content formats in a way that will maximize the return on your creative investments
  • Additional resources to help guide content creation.

Download the assessment tool to start building out a social media content mix that hits the sweet spot.

Download the tool